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So what's up with all the space analogies?
When we developed the concept for this website and what it would do for you, one predominate theme came to mind... Launch Pad.  A "Launch Pad" is a place where you can "launch" to multiple locations... all from the same spot.
You have many websites / portals that you need to access or visit to accomplish your mission as a well-informed and up-to-date employee. 
You may receive several Access Codes from your employer and each one will launch you to a different website / portal.

An Access Code is made of the following three data fields:
The Company ID is a one-word username that represents your company's identity.  This will most-likely be the same ID for each set of Access Codes you receive from your employer.
think of it as...
your Employer's I.D. or Username

The Mission ID is a one-word username that represents the name of the human resources mission you are on or type of service or vendor.  This will most-likely be the same username for each set of Access Codes you have.

think of it as...
a username to identify a service, benefit plan, insurance carrier, employee class or group, or human resource function.
The Launch Code is like the password or piece of additional data necessary to take you to your destination.
think of it as...
your Password.
The Launch Button will take you to your destination if you have entered a valid Access Code.  If there is a problem with your Access Code, your will be taken to an Error Page where you can try again or seek support.
think of it as...
Answers on where to go for your Access Codes and get technical support if you are having trouble on the Launch Pad.
Mission SupportMission Support >>

This worksheet will help you keep track of your MyEnrollment.com™ Access Codes.  Print the list and use it to write-down your employer's Access Codes for the human resources, healthcare, and insurance portals & websites you will need to visit.  Your employer may have a worksheet or handout with your Access Codes on them.  If so, you should obtain the latest handout from your employer.  This worksheet is a "blank" copy in case you need to write-down Access Codes quickly.

Access Code Worksheet Access Code Worksheet >>
Worksheet Sample Worksheet Sample >>
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